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Why are product prices all odd numbers?

Products are generally sourced  in US Dollars - I simply convert $US to local currency (using just one conversion setting).

Where do your products come from?

Most come from China (what doesn't these days), and some from the US. Each will be noted in the product desctiption.

How long 'til I receive my items?

In short, it usually takes around 2 - 3 weeks, but I always warn it could take 4 or even longer (under certain circumstances). **Please allow extra due to Covid-19**.

Products come mostly from US or China.
To keep prices down I only buy a product after you have purchased it, that way I don't have large stock holdings.

For example: say I have 6 x Dance Sneakers - each with 8 sizes and 3 colours - I would have to stock 144 pairs of shoes at a minimum. Plus other products .

I have set up agreements with the suppliers of products I sell. I also have a warehouse that I contact with each order. They perform a quality control check and then get it on it's way to you.

This means I can get it to you for the best price possible.

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